oh, a day like that…

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Well, my today was not really special, I actually just had two things to do. 1. Go to work2. Buy some food Easy! Well, except for the first thing, no. I prepared well for the second part, having a list of needed things and carryable storage space (aka bags) because I don’t have a car and need to walk a … Read More

IQ 130 and you study for free!

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Gezegen.de – Uni Freiburg und Konstanz Ab IQ 130 braucht man keine Studiengebuehren bezahlen This could be the most amuzing (amusing + amazing) piece of idea if it wouldn’t be from the real world: At the universities of Freiburg and Konstanz students with an IQ higher than 130 don’t need to pay for their studies (I guess the fee is … Read More

Apple – iPod – Which iPod are you?

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Apple – iPod – Which iPod are you? I simply can’t let that go without a note. Today Apple announced the new iPod product line. As you may know I started this blog very much with the purchase of my first iPod (Photo or 4G with 20 GB) which I actually still use. Very much indeed. Now they have redesigned … Read More

Freedom of Choice

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I’ve just been watching two interesting TED talks by Bryan Schwartz and Dan Gilbert – yes I’m slowly going through all of them – both of which carry strong ideas about „choice“.If you are in my parents age (born around the 1950s) and even more so if you’re part of my generation (born in the 1980’s) you probably noticed that … Read More

Food: The potato-salad-fish-fingers-Sub

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I decided to start a new series of blog entries about something I do quite regularly. I like to cook. I also like to eat (what seems like a neat coincidence) but I love to experiment with new recipes and I have several books and the web to retrieve them from. I’m quite into italian and greek food but I … Read More

why senseless?

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This blog is named „senseless wisdom of life“. I didn’t really think about the name and because nobody asked me about it I think I should explain my definition of senseless. See the logic in this?No? Great, there is none. Which is btw. pretty much my point anyway. My idea of sense (like in „That doesn’t make sense“) is pretty … Read More