Back from retirement – a review of Blade Runner 2049

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25 years after the first movie (directed by Ridley Scott in 1982) Denis Villeneuve presents us with a second act in the story that really was only meant to be a Film Noir detective story set in the future but accidentally defined the idea of cyberpunk for all the movies that came after it.

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SWIM | Paris – Kate Nash

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Kate Nash by Bobo Boom

A new week, a new challenge (or several). There’s always something around the corner, so have a little encouragement song that is, well, about growing up in a sense. And sometimes failing to. 😉 “You’ve come so far,  Well done darling! We knew that you had it in you You can do anything that you want World is an oyster! … Read More

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SWIM | I’m not the Man – Ben Folds

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Today I’ve got a more thought heavy song for you, because there hasn’t been a Ben Folds song on a while… 😉 “What will they write about me? What will the version be when all is said and done? Will they remember all of the places seen, the poems lost, Or am I just wondering on? Yeah, I’m just wondering on. … Read More

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SWiM | In my arms – Gentleman

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It’s Sunday again and here is the weekly SWiM. I’m still looking into reggae music atm so there might be more songs like this in the future. Today I wanted to share another song that followed me through my holidays and has me dancing almost every time… In My Arms – Gentleman “REMEMBERING THOSE DAYS WHAT WE CALL THE UNDERCOVER TIME … Read More

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On intelligent software – Reviewing Her (2012)

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Technology is evolving. Transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil argue that in the not to distant future we will have artificial intelligence clever enough to improve itself, maybe even develop human traits like consciousness and creativity. And given that software is already everywhere around us it might well be software that first makes the final step. Could happen, right? No more windows? The story … Read More

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All Good Things Come in Threes

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This is going to be my review on Mass Effect 3 ([amazon_link id=”B004FPYHBE” target=”_blank” ]buy on[/amazon_link]), last part of the role-playing saga created by Bioware. It’s going to contain spoilers because the story is what made all the prior Mass Effects worth while and the last part is no different. I’m writing this after approx. 20 hours of playing, … Read More

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funny blokes

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I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because of this thesis I am co-authoring at the moment. We’re really in our last weeks of writing and it takes most of my time. It’s gonna be le-gen-da-ry. However, I’m also in need of entertainment during those weeks and I try to generate relief by exploring new artists or rediscovering known ones … Read More

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Play different – now with 100% more Steam

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“Decisions were made here recently against my will to change my computer system. [..] I’m switching – I’m being told – from a PC to a Mac. [..] Now here’s what I don’t understand: Is a Mac not a personal computer? “ – David Letterman – 10.05.2010 There are several reasons conventional Non-Mac users don’t like the Mac. Hearing them … Read More

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Das Evangelium nach iPad

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife Fürwar, ich entbiete Grüße an die versammelte Geekheit und das verehrte Nerdtum! Auch die Gilde der Medienbildner sei willkommen geheißen, so dies nicht der Redundanz anheim fällt. Seher und Schreiber berichten uns, dass also in den Vereinigten Staaten jenseits des großen Wassers das sagenumwobene iPad erschienen sei. Es ersetze die Laute, das Pergament, so … Read More

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