Weekly Links Feature – 45th week / On Facebook

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Yes, I obviously forgot about it last week, but here it goes again.


German: Im Internet gibt es Dinge, die gibt’s nicht. Oder keiner brauch’ sie. Jeder kennt wohl das Gefuehl, die sprichwoertliche Arschkarte zu bekommen, aber jetzt gibt es die tatsaechlich. Zum kaufen und verschenken. Koennte praktisch sein.


Another cool tool. Phatch lets you do quick changes to photos like resizing, rotating and other effects in a batch (mutiple files in a row). It’s a little bit hard to install because you need a working Python environment on your Linux, Mac OS or Windows but it looks cool and works.

Sam and Max Episode 4 for free

Telltale is preparing the launch of Sam and Max – Season Two and to recrute some more players they chose to release Episode 4 “Abe Lincoln must die” for free!! it’s the funniest episode of Season One so be sure to have a go.

Sim City Societies

Yes, more gaming. I loved Sim City since I first played it on PC and SNES. Sim City 4 is probably the greatest simulation ever created (yes, I think it’s a little better than the Sims). But ‘Societies’ might have some new aspects that could easily be worth playing it. The player should be able to create a city of unique style with brand new tools. See some screenshots and videos on the site.

On an additional note, I’ve been on Facebook for a few days now and it’s kind of interesting but apart from the apps it’s just another social network. I’ll probably blog on this and the whole OpenSocial stuff later. For now, that’s it.

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