Der 2016 Abschlusspost

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Mit nur zwei Tagen Verspätung will ich doch nochmal auf ein bewegtes Blogjahr 2016 zurückblicken, wie ich das bislang immer gemacht habe 🙂 Leider ist es 2016 noch ruhiger geworden, insbesondere in der zweiten Hälfte, weil meine ganze Schreibmotivation in die Dissertation fließen muss. Trotzdem gab’s dieses Jahr ein paar neue Texte, und sogar den neuen längsten Beitrag, denn das … Read More

The naughty bits of the web

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Chaturbate Chat hannahjames710

There is a reason why this blog is not only called „wisdom of life“. Because it is my impression, that for the most part life doesn’t make much sense. And in fact it can’t because sense or meaning is something that is without exception constructed by humans. We make sense of it, if at all. It doesn’t come from anywhere … Read More

SWIM | Frisör – Thomas D.

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Thomas D

Es ist zwar der dritte Advent, aber nicht immer muss ein weihnachtlicher Song auch von Weihnachten handeln. Manchmal braucht es nur ein wenig Jazz & Big Band-Feeling um einen Song weihnachtskompatibel zu machen, unabhängig davon worum es thematisch geht. For english-speaking readers: This is a German rap song about a hairstylist turned rapper, who looks back and wants to go back … Read More

SWIM | Paris – Kate Nash

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Kate Nash by Bobo Boom

A new week, a new challenge (or several). There’s always something around the corner, so have a little encouragement song that is, well, about growing up in a sense. And sometimes failing to. 😉 „You’ve come so far,  Well done darling! We knew that you had it in you You can do anything that you want World is an oyster! … Read More

SWIM | Scatman’s World – Scatman John

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Scatman John

21 years ago, I was 12. And one of the most successful songs of the year 1995 was I’m the Scatman, which I have already featured in the SWIM of 13.04.2014, almost 15 years after John Larkin died. The song and the album were a phenomenon in Germany. I still own the album (physically), I did record the video clips … Read More

SWIM | Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake 2020 Tour 008 by J Vettorino

In Germany we call it Ohrwurm (ear-worm). It’s a song you hear somewhere and that gets stuck in your head somehow. This is one such song, and although it’s been a big hit, I didn’t really realize it by Justin Timberlake until I was searching for it. It seems that insightful lyrics can be found almost anywhere. I truly like … Read More