Apple – iPod – Which iPod are you?

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Apple – iPod – Which iPod are you?

I simply can’t let that go without a note. Today Apple announced the new iPod product line. As you may know I started this blog very much with the purchase of my first iPod (Photo or 4G with 20 GB) which I actually still use. Very much indeed. Now they have redesigned the iPod and they added the iPod touch which is kinda like an iPhone without a phone. It has the big touchy display, the Safari browser and Wifi and most of the other features the phone has. It’s available at 8 and 16 GB for $299 and $399. The ‘small’ iPod classic (which would be a neat replacement for my iPod) now carries 80 GB (eigthy!!!) which is twice the size of my music library and it only costs $249 (probably about the same in Euros). I mean, it’s 4 times as much space for 50 bugs less!
Just two years… 🙁

However, I don’t see why to replace a fully functional product. My iPod does great. No video, but hey, I want to hear music.
They also updated the shuffle and the nano but that’s a no-brainer.

Looking forward to see the presentation (will probably be available via streaming by tomorrow).

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