It's Halloween!! And my website gets seven years old… Muuahah!

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Phrenopolis: The Pumpkin House of Horrors

Since I did not give you any links this week here’s on at the top. It’s the Pumpkin Horror by Dave Grossman, famous for being involved in some of the best adventure games ever, latest being the Sam and Max – Series games from Telltale Games (you can see in the sidebar how many days to the next episode!). The picture is taken from that site.

Ok, it’s Halloween. We didn’t celebrate that here in Germany until a few years ago (it is a vaction though, but for different reasons). I still don’t celebrate it, but it happens to be the day I released my first big website to the public which has run now for seven years. It’s the website about a tv series called “The little vampire” from 1985. If you don’t know it or if you know it and wanna be sure it’s the series I talk about just go to to have the whole site presented to you. I hope it’s fun and brings back a few memories (if you have any).

Ok, that’s a nice post I think. Sorry for the shameless self promotion. But hey, it’s my blog!

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