IQ 130 and you study for free!

yodahomelife1 Comment – Uni Freiburg und Konstanz Ab IQ 130 braucht man keine Studiengebuehren bezahlen

This could be the most amuzing (amusing + amazing) piece of idea if it wouldn’t be from the real world: At the universities of Freiburg and Konstanz students with an IQ higher than 130 don’t need to pay for their studies (I guess the fee is 500 € per term).
Just that you get me right I am all for rewarding good students if that’s what they try to do. But rewarding somebody for their IQ is like rewarding someone for their body height or weight or eye color.
You can’t do anything about it really. Furthermore it doesn’t say anything valid about your person. You might have an IQ of 140 and still be a dumbass when it comes to design. Or engineering.
I once read a book by Ken Robinson and since he makes my point very clear, I’d point you to him if you want a detailed argument.
However, I understand that IQ doesn’t really measure the overall intelligence a person has – simply because there’s no plain, clean definition what intelligence consists of – but rather the performance in serveral specific types of brain usage. Mainly this is the “logico-deductive” type which completely leaves out most forms of creativity, fantasy and other ways to use your brain. I’m not really sure if that’s correct since I don’t know what exactly is measured with an IQ test but even if it is an adequate way to make a statement on somebodies intellect it seems impossible for anybody change it. You can’t practice to raise your IQ over the bar, am I right?
So why don’t they just give refunds to those students who manage to study successfully?
It seems to me that obviously the people who make the choices at those universities have

A. Either an IQ well over 130 and want to support their brothers of the same kind, so they can take over the world together, or an IQ well under that level, which explains how they came up with the thought in the first place
B. plenty of time to come up and put in effect such ridiculous ideas

Either way, I can imagine that based on this idea there will be other cool ways of saving the fee for university. At IT departments for example they could free those from payment who have a great high score in Super Mario Brothers or Solitär – or a nice charakter set for WoW -. And for those who study theology: You could tell them to make some fish and bread to feed the hungry or turn water into wine for a party and whoever gives the best performance may either study for free or is nailed to a cross.
I’ll see whether I can find (or come up with) other stupid ways to size up people.

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