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I decided to start a new series of blog entries about something I do quite regularly. I like to cook. I also like to eat (what seems like a neat coincidence) but I love to experiment with new recipes and I have several books and the web to retrieve them from. I’m quite into italian and greek food but I also like fast food. I was quite interested in the idea of ‘Subway’ when they opened their first store in my town about a year ago. They have nice sandwiches but there are some things I’d like to have on my sandwich they don’t offer. So I’ve tried several ideas by myself and I’d like to share some of them here:

Potato-salad and fish fingers

You need:

  • 1 tomato (or several cherry tomatoes)
  • Fish-Fingers
  • potato salad of your choice (make it yourself or simply buy it)
  • your favourite cheese (I prefer toast cheese or chester)
  • Remoulade (or Mayonaise)
  • 1 whole Baguette or (better) a Subway bread of your choice

You should prepare all the ingredients to have them available quickly.
Well, this is pretty straight forward: First you cut the bread open (not in halves! just cut in about 80 % and then open the lid) and then put a thin coat of potato salad on the bread, just enough to barely cover it because there’s more to come.

You need to fry the fish fingers (if you didn’t make them yourself they should still be frozen by now). Heat up a pan with some oil and once it is hot put the fish fingers in. While they’re busy you can cut the tomato into thin slices. Put these on top of the potato salad

When the fish fingers look golden (about 10-12 minutes, you should probably flip them after 6 or 7 minutes) take them out of the pan with your bare hands (no, please don’t!) and put them on the tomatoes. Three or four Pairs should be able to fit onto the bread. Then quickly add the cheese on top of it as long as the fish is still hot so the cheese can melt. I consider this a crucial step to the overall process!

Well, after that we’re nearly finished. You can (but don’t have to) put some kind of sauces on it now, I prefer remoulade or mayonaise, but you can also add different vegetables or spices. Just consider the height because it should still be possible to close the bread properly without squeezing out all the contents. This took me some exercise but it is possible. You might want to toast the bread first, but that’s a matter of taste and as such it’s up to you. Divide the sandwich in halves and enjoy!
If you can come up with any improvement in the recipe, please comment!

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