Me at the Movies

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I think I mentioned it briefly [ I just checked, and I didn’t…], but last year in October I had the opportunity to be an extra in an german television movie called „Die Todesautomatik“. I was with them for a day playing an east-german soldier first and then playing a warden in a jail. As I was an extra (or … Read More

what i read / wil wheaton / news / sunday poem

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In a constant effort to add more geek- and nerdiness to my life I’ve recently subscribed to some large web 2.0-related blogs including, scobleizer and Pulse 2.0. Everyday for the last two weeks I therefore had about 40 to 50 Posts to go through and it takes some time but I understand many pro bloggers have to go thrpugh … Read More

Sunday poem – fourth edition

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And another poem, but this time it is a completely new, freshly written and unpublished piece of which I’m not sure whether it’s as funny as it should be. Or even entertaining. Or good. But read for yourself. Oblivious Rain drops smash against the windowdawning clouds are hanging lowLights turned on in every roomoutside no lights find space to bloomHome … Read More

Sam & Max Season Two . It's finally there!!

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Telltale Games – Sam & Max Season Two Oh yes, folks and friends, they’ve done it again!! The hard working staff at Telltale Games just released Sam and Max – Ice Station Santa, which is the first episode of the new Sam & Max Season. For all of you who still don’t know, Telltale Games spend the whole last year … Read More

Weekly Links Feature – 45th week / On Facebook

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Yes, I obviously forgot about it last week, but here it goes again. German: Im Internet gibt es Dinge, die gibt’s nicht. Oder keiner brauch‘ sie. Jeder kennt wohl das Gefuehl, die sprichwoertliche Arschkarte zu bekommen, aber jetzt gibt es die tatsaechlich. Zum kaufen und verschenken. Koennte praktisch sein. Phatch Another cool tool. Phatch lets you do quick changes … Read More

Sunday poem – third edition

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Ok, time again for another poem. It’s english but it’s rather different from what I usually write. You should read it top down. Every column is a line and there is not only one way this poem makes sense -if it does at all-, so it’s probably more a puzzle than a poem. Or a poezzle. One more time Another … Read More