Sunday poem – fourth edition

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And another poem, but this time it is a completely new, freshly written and unpublished piece of which I’m not sure whether it’s as funny as it should be. Or even entertaining. Or good. But read for yourself.


Rain drops smash against the window
dawning clouds are hanging low
Lights turned on in every room
outside no lights find space to bloom
Home I ran through walls of liquid
Soaking I hid beneath the secret
tree that grows and grows so high
I felt so glad I had to sigh

through walls some music reached my ear
I strangely wondered, a sound unclear
much too quiet to get the tune
When I get in I’ll know it soon
But wait who plays this sound therein
while I’m out here still dry’n my chin?
Has someone possibly been broken
into my house to steal my token?

Electrocuted I rushed inside
to find perhaps the thief that hides
can’t wait until my key draws open
this shallow door, so it got broken
when I stroke it with a deadly draw
At first I peaked then stormed quite raw
into my space, searched every square
and looked around, but no one there!?

Having inspected every inch
I realized who was to pinch
because as happens frequently
it was myself who did not see
That in the morning I rushed as quick
outside to work as I now got back
and it was then that I just missed
to turn the music off … I’m pissed.

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