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In a constant effort to add more geek- and nerdiness to my life I’ve recently subscribed to some large web 2.0-related blogs including techcrunch.com, scobleizer and Pulse 2.0. Everyday for the last two weeks I therefore had about 40 to 50 Posts to go through and it takes some time but I understand many pro bloggers have to go thrpugh hundreds of posts everyday. For the last two days the Amazon “Kindle”, a new e-book reader, got a lot of the attention. Its only available in the US, therefore I wasn’t really interested but it’s an interesting gadgets nonetheless,. Have a few reads on this:

Because I do read so much not everything I read finds it way to a blog post of my own. Therefore I feed my favourite stuff directly into the Google Reader suggestions and my twitter account. It’s two different feeds, but I try to fill them with the same information. If you’re interested in whate I read from day to day, this is where you can keep track.

Some of you will still remember Wil Wheaton from Star Trek TNG where he played Wesley Crusher, the son of the ships medical officer Dr. Beverley Crusher. However, that’s the past, today Mr. Wheaton is a writer and only acts for fun. I’ve not read anything apart from his blog so far but since he has made several books I think it’s just a matter of choosing one to start with. His newest book is called “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”. And maybe I would have one of them reading the book, who knows.

Not so funny news for P2P users… that live in france: According to this story on Spiegel Online the french governmant wants to establish a three-strikes rule for internet surfers that use P2P for illegal files and ban them from the internet after they’ve been caught -for the third time-. I think now the french have gone completely nuts. First, we’d never keep someone from using their car if he/she ignored the red light or parked at the wrong place for three times. And yes, I think using emule, kazaa, bittorrent or any other P2P network system to download music, movies or software illegally (yes kids, it is and remains illegal, whatever your friends tell you) as big a crime as parking where it’s forbidden. It happens probably a million times a day and it’s against the rules and you should be punished if you’re caught, but frankly, it’s not such a big deal. Not big enough to remove the driver from the car permanently. Maybe this comparison is a bit too simple. But so is the idea to have a future where the music, movie or any other entertainment industry works the same way again that it worked twenty years ago, when there was no filesharing. It’s over. And I think that’s a good thing. I know most managers and executives can’t imagine this, but there will be a future where downloading high-quality entertainment for no direct payment or no payment at all will be legal and a very common thing. They should probably start to prepare for this future the right way. Most of the things they do for preparation right now is counter-productive and will ultimately fail anyway.

Ok, and because it’s Sunday evening it’s also time for the Sunday poem which I today picked again from my list of already existing poems on my website. It’s in german. Enjoy.

Glaube (2)

Ich glaube, dass auch morgen wieder die Sonne aufgeht
und dass ich dabei sein kann.
Ich glaube nicht an Gott, aber an Schicksal und die Menschen,
die mir jeden Tag aufs Neue begegnen
Ich glaube nicht, dass all den Worten, die gesagt werden, auch Taten folgen
aber ich versuche, es mit meinen Worten besser zu machen.
Ich glaube, das man nicht alles im Leben richtig machen kann
aber auch, dass man es zumindest versuchen sollte.
Ich glaube manchmal, dass ich alles schaffen kann
wenngleich ich nicht alles schaffen muss

Ich glaube nicht blindlings drauf los
zumindest nicht alles und jedem
Ich glaube, man sollte nicht von anderen mehr erwarten
als man selber bereit ist zu geben
Ich glaube, dass es immer einen Grund zur Hoffnung gibt
aber manchmal kostet es viel Kraft, ihn zu finden.
Ich glaube, dass jedes Leben einen Sinn hat
nicht immer, aber immer wieder… auch meines
Ich glaube auch, dass der Weg das Ziel ist
Aber ohne ein Ziel vor Augen geht man doch nicht los?

Ich glaube nicht, dass ich alles weiß
ich glaube nicht einmal, irgendwas zu wissen
ich glaube nur.

irgendwann 2005

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