oh, a day like that…

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Well, my today was not really special, I actually just had two things to do. 1. Go to work2. Buy some food Easy! Well, except for the first thing, no. I prepared well for the second part, having a list of needed things and carryable storage space (aka bags) because I don’t have a car and need to walk a … Read More

Sunday poem – second edition

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Well, it should have been Saturday, but I forgot. Sorry for that (as if anybody was reading *g*). However this is the first german poem, I wrote it recently and as always it is in my list of post-problematic pathetic poems, so sorry if you already read it. Eigentlich sollte es ja Samstag sein, aber ich hab’s leider vergessen. Entschuldigung, … Read More

movie watched – The Prestige

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I love movies but due to many circumstances I almost never watch a movie when it comes out. Neither do I read recent books or play recent games for that matter. I’m always ‚a little‘ behind whereas ‚a little‘ can sometimes means many years. I fell for Star Wars over ten years after the third movie was made, I saw … Read More

Weekly Links Feature – 43rd week

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So this is my very first link feature, I’ll -honestly- try to do this from now on every week. So here we go. I was cooking today. Yeah No really, I watched an episode of „The Naked Chef“ with Jamie Oliver a week ago and he cooked Meatballs with tomato sauce. So I wanted to try and I did so … Read More

New Layout! -in development-

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Ok, it took me some hours but now I’ve finally found a layout that is both personal as well as good-looking (at least I like it) and liquid (uses at least 88% of the available width). I’ve taken a free template from somewhere (will post the link later) and changed it a bit for my needs. It’s personal because the … Read More

Saturday poem – first edition

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Ok, I thought about it for some time and I’m going to try to start putting up poems every Saturday. Poems written by me of course. I’ll start with pieces I ‚ve written in the past. Most of them I already posted to my website http://yodahome.de/wiki/Gedichte, so if you can’t wait for the next poem you might find some fascinative … Read More

IQ 130 and you study for free!

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Gezegen.de – Uni Freiburg und Konstanz Ab IQ 130 braucht man keine Studiengebuehren bezahlen This could be the most amuzing (amusing + amazing) piece of idea if it wouldn’t be from the real world: At the universities of Freiburg and Konstanz students with an IQ higher than 130 don’t need to pay for their studies (I guess the fee is … Read More

The art of blogging / a game

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I write this blog since 2005 and I think it’s time to change some things about the way I do this. I wanted to post more often, but obviously I haven’t made it a habit yet. That’s why I’m thinking about some regular subjects, maybe twice a week. Maybe I could have a weekly blog roll with excerpts from blogs … Read More