The art of blogging / a game

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I write this blog since 2005 and I think it’s time to change some things about the way I do this. I wanted to post more often, but obviously I haven’t made it a habit yet. That’s why I’m thinking about some regular subjects, maybe twice a week. Maybe I could have a weekly blog roll with excerpts from blogs I read and comments about that. I also could try to publish some of the things I write on the blog, but since these are in german mostly that’s not really the best idea. Perhaps I’ll copy the Poem of the week idea from Dave Grossman.

I also came about a nice list of howtos on the topic of blogging for those of you who wanna start of or improve their blogging (as I do).

You should have a look at this wonderful game that teaches you a little physics while your playing.
Maybe I should start out with a links feature every once in a while. I also want to change the layout, I actually hate non-liquid styles that don’t take the browser window space they’re offered as if they don’t need it.

So watch out for the new style! Oh, and did you know Google has increased the speed of the diskspace counter of Google Mail so that in January everybody gets 6 GB of space for their mails. That’s great imho, I actually already use 27% of my 2 something GB.

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