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I love movies but due to many circumstances I almost never watch a movie when it comes out. Neither do I read recent books or play recent games for that matter. I’m always ‘a little’ behind whereas ‘a little’ can sometimes means many years. I fell for Star Wars over ten years after the third movie was made, I saw matrix in 2001 or so, well before the sequeals but almost two years after release and I could go on.

However, I try to watch movies regularly I haven’t seen yet but of which I’ve heard -either good or bad- things.
So tonight I saw “The Prestige”, a suprisingly entertaining movie on magic and obsession. Director is Christopher Nolan (probably most famous for doing the latest and next movie in the Batman series) and in fact there are also Christian Bale and Michael Caine from the Batman cast together with Hugh Jackman in leading parts. The story is based on the novel by Christopher Priest. I didn’t know all that when I rented the movie. I was even more surprised to see David Bowie appear in a small -but nevertheless charismatic and weird- role.
Alfred Borden (Bale) and Robert Angier (Jackman) both are magicians that work together in a show but part ways after a terrible accident during which Robert’s wife Julia is killed and Alfred is blamed for it. They try to come up with their own shows but sabotage each other pretty heavily. Soon they try each to come up with a better trick than the other and become obessed with the idea of a trick called “The tranported man”. I won’t give away any more details on the movie’s plot since it’s really a magic effect that only works once, so go and watch it yourself, it’s really entertaining (at the very least). If you need more motivation perhaps the 75% at rottentomatoes do the trick. I however think I picked a wonderful movie.

I rent my dvds from amazon (just to let you know, if you prefer your local store that’s also fine) and next on my list is ‘Oceans 13’. I liked the two previous ones so I’m eager to watch the latest installment. I’m going to write about it, though nobody might want to read it. *g*

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