Saturday poem – first edition

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Ok, I thought about it for some time and I’m going to try to start putting up poems every Saturday. Poems written by me of course. I’ll start with pieces I ‘ve written in the past. Most of them I already posted to my website, so if you can’t wait for the next poem you might find some fascinative ones there. However, I’m going to write new ones, that I will post on this blog exclusively. They’ll be in german or english which I guess is kind of risky but I plan to have regular german posts in the future so why not.

Today’s poem is 5 years old and in english:

Can’t tell her

As long as rain will fall
as long as birds will call
as long as we see the flying dove
much longer will I keep My Love.

As long as darkness won’t survive
as long as evening makes sun dive
as long as life keeps getting rough
much longer will I keep My Love.

as long as world keeps turning round
as long as we search and are found
as long as my heart crushes right through
You won’t know My Love is You.

(9.50 Uhr, 02.08.2002)

Monday will be Bookmarks day, when I list some interesting sites I found during the week.

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