Oblivion, 2013 – ★★ (contains spoilers)

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This review reportedly contains spoilers.

First thing: I don’t know the graphic novel this is based on. So no comparing with that

Second thing: I don’t dislike Tom Cruise per sé, or as JoCo puts it: “Tom Cruise is Tom-Cruise-crazy, just be glad it’s him – not you, if you had Tom Cruise’s troubles, you might go Tom-Cruise-Crazy, too.”

Apart from that: The film is visually pleasing but the story is quite simple and non-surprising. I didn’t see the clone-thing coming but other than that things take way too long to actually happen although you already expect them to. Take e.g. Morgan Freeman: You know he’s not the protagonist yet he’s going to appear as a leader of sorts, it’s pretty clear from the first ten minutes that the guys on earth are discarded people and bang – ergo their leader is MF. And so it turns out to be it’s just that it takes about two thirds of the movie to get there! Same happens with the erased memory, the aliens that are nowhere to be seen, the fake wife, the actual wife etc. You expect it to happen long before it does.
Straight forward isn’t bad per se but it doesn’t work if you want to make it a surprise, then it just feels artificial.
So does Cruises acting. Well actually, everybody’s acting. The setting is the real star here, but as it’s mainly American rubble I found it boring after the first 30 minutes. At least they did not show the aliens. And I am probably just disappointed because I actually thought I’d need no popcorn during this movie…

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“So the great Batman has fallen. Good.”

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Happy New Year everybody! The holidays are behind us and I had the time to play some games including one that I’ve been very much looking forward to called “Batman: Arkham City”. Now, I haven’t written a review about it’s predecessor, but of course I played Rocksteady’s first Batman game “Arkham Asylum” and did so with great pleasure, as it’s a hefty piece of gaming art.

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HD+ or Why DRM still doesn’t work

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Image via Wikipedia While evolution of humanity (abstract term for the whole species) has been quite impressive through the thousands of years, one needs to realize after a closer look, that people (certain amount of in-duh-viduals) on the other hand have continiously proven to be comparably impressingly resistent to learning in shorter time spans. Every now and then legends, myths, … Read More

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Coming out of the cupboard – the 7.1th Potter movie

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‘Coming out of the cupboard’ is the Urban Word of the Day of November 20. The definition reads: “coming out of the cupboard” is a figure of speech for popular or non popular people’s disclosure of their secret obsession for Harry Potter. The term comes from the well know phrase “coming out of the closet” which refers to a person revealing … Read More

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Mind the gap. Again.

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Just a mere week ago I came back from a trip to my favourite city: London! I don’t travel that much but have been there two times (1997 + 2005) prior to this trip which -again- only lasted a few days. Too short, as always but me and my dad managed to visit and revisit a bunch of tourists spots … Read More

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Meinungsmontag – Werbung – 06.09.2010

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Image via Wikipedia Heute nur ein Kurzer für Zwischendurch: Im Grunde nervt ja Werbung irgendwie zu 60 bis 75 Prozent, weil einen das Produkt in der Regel nicht interessiert und daher im Grunde nur sinnlos Fernsehzeit oder Zeitschriftenseiten belegt werden. Ich glaube, dass der moderne Bürger sich die Produktinformation, die er braucht, selbst abholt, wenn er es für richtig hält. … Read More

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