Right to your BONEs… / adventures rolling upon you

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I just had a look at the website of the wonderful people at TellTale Games, a company that is one of the few still believing in good storytelling and the adventure genre. As you have probably realised by yourself, adventures have not been featured very intensely for the last years. Big companies like LucasArts shutted down all adventure projects like … Read More

music with iTunes

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It’s fantastic!I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love somehow… with Apple. I always wondered about their machines and then researched a bit until I finally understood that Apple products always have that little extra thought put into them. They work AND they look good.But they are expensive. And so I don’t own any product up to now but … Read More


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Well, it’s (as far as I know) a famous movie by Michael Moore (add 9/11), a science-fiction novel that also made it into a movie by Ray Bradbury (add 451) and in some strange parts of this world it’s an objective way to express the actual temperature which I cannot really understand for we in Germany use Celsius degrees. 451 … Read More