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Well, it’s (as far as I know) a famous movie by Michael Moore (add 9/11), a science-fiction novel that also made it into a movie by Ray Bradbury (add 451) and in some strange parts of this world it’s an objective way to express the actual temperature which I cannot really understand for we in Germany use Celsius degrees. 451 Fahrenheit by the way is the temperature at which paper catches fire. The book I mentioned is really good (read it if you can or at least get a hold of the Truffaut movie) but nevertheless it’s not the subject here.

There is a new computer game named Fahrenheit and it’s a quite unique peace of software. I just got hands on my own copy (get the demo and, in case you like, PLEASE buy it!), played it for the last two hours and so far I really like it. It’s kind of an interactive movie, a myterious story taking place in New York, where you can control the main characters. The story unfolds as you act and your actions influence what happens next. It’s quite a special concept of a game and the controls are even more special. It’s hard to explain but it’s not the usual adventure-like clicking. You can move your character and the camera seperately, and by doing simple gestures with your mouse or joystick you do things, talk etc. It’s not like you can take your time because mostly time is as precious as it is in real life. There are action sequences where reaction time is important and time is ticking away when you have to decide between different actions or lines of dialogue…

The whole presentation looks like the tv show “24” with different camera perspectives and split screens. I will not brag about graphics for they are state-of-the-art but the soundtrack is very good as well. I really think that’s one of the most innovative games I’ve seen for a long time. Watch http://www.fahrenheitgame.com/ for more information.

The next game I’m really looking forward to is “The Movies”. I saw some of this at the GC 2005 and I think it will be really interesting…

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