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It’s fantastic!
I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love somehow… with Apple. I always wondered about their machines and then researched a bit until I finally understood that Apple products always have that little extra thought put into them. They work AND they look good.
But they are expensive. And so I don’t own any product up to now but I am really, really close to spending some money on an iPod.
Nevertheless I installed iTunes just to have a look at it. And it’s gorgeous!
There is just one (other) major digital music store here in Germany (it’s called musicload) but getting your music there is complicated, the songs are in wma which is a very bad evil format simply because it’s from that big evil company. And they’re more expensive.
So i was just looking through the music store and in about 20 minutes found an extremely cool album with classical interpretations of alternative pop songs, learned that “Gravity” is a song from Embrace and not from Coldplay as I had always thought and bought another album with the orchestral adaption of the Bladerunner soundtrack. I didn’t need to install any certificates, no new version of the MediaPlayer popped up so I could download it (“No choice, User! Resistance is futile!”). I didn’t need to switch from Firefox to IE just to get my music.
I could even burn my music with one click. Well, that’s what I would call service…

Now they just have to offer all this on Linux as well, and life would be even greater.

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