Episodic Gaming – Sam'n'Max and Dreamfall Chapters

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I just listened to a Podcast available over at Gamasutra (Link to source) where Dan Connors (CEO of Telltale Games) talks on how the idea of episodic gaming works out for Telltale and it recent releases of episodes from the Sam and Max Season 1.I find this very interesting since episodic gaming especially in my special favourite genre of adventure … Read More

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Dreamfall – it's coming

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PC Games Online – Wissen, was gespielt wird! These are some very nice screenshots from the forthcoming action-adventure „Dreamfall“ which continues the story from the great adventure „The longest journey“ by Funcom. I’m really looking forward to this game and it seems like chances are good I won’t be disappointed. As far as I read about it it will be … Read More

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Well, it’s (as far as I know) a famous movie by Michael Moore (add 9/11), a science-fiction novel that also made it into a movie by Ray Bradbury (add 451) and in some strange parts of this world it’s an objective way to express the actual temperature which I cannot really understand for we in Germany use Celsius degrees. 451 … Read More

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