Episodic Gaming – Sam'n'Max and Dreamfall Chapters

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I just listened to a Podcast available over at Gamasutra (Link to source) where Dan Connors (CEO of Telltale Games) talks on how the idea of episodic gaming works out for Telltale and it recent releases of episodes from the Sam and Max Season 1.
I find this very interesting since episodic gaming especially in my special favourite genre of adventure games seems to grow and become a trend. A few days ago Funcom and Ragnar Torquist (writer of “The longest journey” and its sequel “Dreamfall”) announced that the continuation of TLJ and Dreamfall will be “Chapters” meaning that it will also be produced and delivered episodically. (Press Release)
In my opinion the Sam’n’Max episodes have been really good, I definitely enjoyed them up to now. You probably only need a few hours for each episode but even in the season package the price is reasonable for the amount of game time. It’s like a good tv show, and people pay good money of the DVDs for those, don’t they?
And I’m looking forward to the way Funcom engages in the episodic format (actually it should not be so hard since TLJ and Dreamfall have actually been devided into chapters ever since).

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