Zooomr | Mark III – updated

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Zooomr | Mark III Desperately waiting for the release of the third version of Zooomr, the coolest photosharing service I’m familiar with. Zooomr should be up again tomorrow with tons of new features, an open api and thus completely fullfilling more expectation than you might ever have. You’ll even be able to sell your photos online “and keep 90 % … Read More

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Episodic Gaming – Sam'n'Max and Dreamfall Chapters

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I just listened to a Podcast available over at Gamasutra (Link to source) where Dan Connors (CEO of Telltale Games) talks on how the idea of episodic gaming works out for Telltale and it recent releases of episodes from the Sam and Max Season 1.I find this very interesting since episodic gaming especially in my special favourite genre of adventure … Read More

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Zelda on the Wii or How story-based Gaming should be

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Well, I was really excited about the Wii altogether. When I first got it I loved the Controller, the many different ways it can be used. It’s a hell of an entertainment product. That said, it is merely considered a party console by a lot of people. Many of the games are much more fun if you play with (or … Read More

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