Zooomr | Mark III – updated

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Zooomr | Mark III

Desperately waiting for the release of the third version of Zooomr, the coolest photosharing service I’m familiar with. Zooomr should be up again tomorrow with tons of new features, an open api and thus completely fullfilling more expectation than you might ever have. You’ll even be able to sell your photos online “and keep 90 % of the sale”. Bookmark it now and stay tuned!!

Update: Obviously the Update takes a little longer to perform (Zooomr 2 is back running now). I’m not really sure what this means but since Zooomr is pretty much delivered at zero cost for the users and is run by only a handful of people you can’t really complain. Over at the Zooomr Blog the comments are mostly supportive though some consider it unprofessional that an update takes so long to put through. I guess I wouldn’t have made any announcements until I’m damn sure everything works fine but obviously there are serious issues now. “Patience! You must learn patience.” Wise words…

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