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Scatman John

21 years ago, I was 12. And one of the most successful songs of the year 1995 was I’m the Scatman, which I have already featured in the SWIM of 13.04.2014, almost 15 years after John Larkin died. The song and the album were a phenomenon in Germany. I still own the album (physically), I did record the video clips on VHS, and I still have those too. It was a message of peace, happiness and togetherness that was as idealistic as it was typical for the 1990s with its Techno, Rave and the Love Parade. For me it’s as much nostalgia as it’s a universal message, that can’t be repeated too often…

Scatman’s World – Scatman John

"Everyone's born to compete as he chooses
But how can someone win if winning means that someone loses?
I sit and see and wonder what it's like to be in touch
No wonder all my brothers and my sisters need a crutch

I want to be a human being not a human doing
I couldn't keep that pace up if I tried
The source of my intention really isn't crime prevention
My intention is prevention of the lie, yeah
Welcome to the Scatman's world"

Lyrics from Wikia Lyrics

Music Video – Live Version of “I’m the Scatman”

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