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In my five years of continuous blogging I switched platforms once, when I moved from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress. Unfortuneately it showed that my provider 1&1 has certain problems with WordPress on a technical level and a lack of resources kept me from using certain plugins among other things.

Because of that I started to move any hosted websites to my new provider Dreamhost, about which I can’t really say anything positive yet, apart from that the handling so far has been effortless to me.
Along with this move you can now find this very blog under it’s own domain name The friendly newsfeed attached to it is still available under , so no change there. I also installed a plugin to have multilingual content on the blog, since I always had articles in German and English and can now add translations easily. As long as I find enough time to write the posts twice.

Apart from that nothing has changed, even in twenty-eleven there will still be lots of senseless wisdom around here along with occasional opinion-spreading on Mondays. The beauty of boredom!

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