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Yes, it’s taken some time, but here I’m back, blogging for world domination, world peace and cheaper jokes.

There’s several interesting thing to blog about so let’s get started:

Microsoft to buy Google

Yes, the big M has made an offer for Yahoo! the second biggest force in web search and provider of Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Widgets and other services (music used to be one). Google reacted through a letter by a Google lawyer and a blog post. Most bloggers say the same thing (to sum it up they basically dislike the deal and google’s reaction) but Scoble obviously has another opinion. I personally don’t think Microyahoo will be a big change -but I’m not interested in business issues to much-, I personally was never very interested in their web products (although I prefer Yahoo Widgets over GoogleDesktop on XP and do use, a yahoo company, exclusively for social bookmarking) since they weren’t able to integrate as well as Google does not only with their own services but with the rest of the web. Google seems to be more open in that regard or at least that’s my impression because they have so many useful services. I may be wrong about that. Oh: Here’s O’Reilly view.

Disqus on my blog

Fake Steve Jobs uses it and I’ve seen other blogs using it so I thought I might give it a try. From this post on I use Disqus for commenting. That means that comments are hosted third party with some cool board-like discussion features and blended into my blog. See if it works although I probably won’t need it, I do not get too many comments. 😉

Second part of Linus Torvalds interview

It’s here as part of the Open Voices Podcast by the Linux Foundation. I listened to both parts and there are some remarkable insights in how Linus sees open source software. I also realized that Torvalds is much more the guy for practical solutions unlike Richard Stallman who remains kind of the spiritual leader. Yet Torvalds has a strict border to commercial interest that do not understand the community effort which puts him somewhere in the middle. Very interesting to listen to.


They’re still in maintenance mode over at but remain optimistic. I’m looking forward to the new version of the site hoping that it will finally solve all remaining problems (actually Zooomr already is much quicker on the new hardware in Japan) and add the features I consider crucial. Keep the fingers crossed.

Ok, see my recent collection on my link blog for more stuff or get me on twitter. More to come later. I have to find out what Google’s Social Graph can do. g

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