Official Zooomr Blog : Zooomr 2008 Release Schedule / And my take on Steve's keynote

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Official Zooomr Blog : Zooomr 2008 Release Schedule

Ok, I have been very close to giving up on Zooomr a few times since the launch of Mark III because on several occasions upload or other features did not work and many things I would consider basic stuff weren’t available. And then there was kind of an dead pause after the intense communication time around MKIII which made me think Zooomr could be slowly dying.

But it’s not.

Head of Zooomr (HoZ) Kristopher Tate has been over to Japan to actually save Zooomr from dying by establishing a business model that would provide enough income to keep everything running. Zooomr is hosted by Zoho which only was a short term solution and so now Zooomr moves it’s data to a new japanese data center along with an 2008 release of the service (MK4). Also there will be more of a mobile service of Zooomr starting out in Japan but probably coming to other countries as well.

Not much is known about what features mk4 will introduce but let us hope the update is much more smoother this time.

In other news:

There’s probably no better way to find out if somebody is a geek than to ask them whether they saw Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld. I watched the presentation being blogged live at (no link here, as it’s not available any longer) but found myself only mildly impressed at the beginning when I read the announcements (and saw live photos from the show). The service was actually one of the few who managed to stay up while many other services like Twitter, Crunchgear etc. went down facing the amount of massive interest.

However, I then saw the video stream and thereby proved that the art of presentation is actually a big point in the cult around Apple products. Still, they brought up some great stuff. I think the Apple TV really becomes an interesting product now it’s stand-alone, although in Germany the main providers for on-demand TV and movie content through internet are Maxdome and T-Com and they market their products very agressively while there are no movies or tv show yet in iTunes. But Apple TV clearly has the more accessible interface, probably a bigger library (Maxdome part of the ProSiebenSat1 Media AG and, as I understand, therefore is limited to their content) and it looks cooler, which has repeatably been stated as a focus point about hardware that should get into the living room.

The MacBook Air is great but (expecially for me) much too expensive. It might yet replace the MacBook at one point. I especially love the fact that all of Apples Laptops have 5 to 6 hours battery lives which most other Laptops do not have (mine usually last about 90 minutes). I still plan on buying my next new laptop from Apple but can’t afford it yet.

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