The Famous Side of MySpace

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I just got the MySpace newsletter. To make that clear, I’m not on MySpace meaning I do not actively use my account there. I don’t even think I put any information up there. However, I do have an account just for the sake of completeness (because I do have account on most web 2.0 services to do research and geek around). That’s why I get the newsletter.

So, at the bottom of said newsletter MySpace advertised with VIPs that have an account on MySpace. I understand that a lot of famous people are on MySpace for advertising, almost all big musicians have a site there though most of them are probably set up by the record companies etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because you actually can tell whether a site is rather personal or the brainchild of some PR dep. and if it doesn’t bother you too much you can still network with it. I came across the MySpace Page of Tom Hanks and I found it’s rather personal. The tone and the way it’s designed makes me believe it’s really Tom Hanks that made the site. And why shouldn’t he, he’s an actor and producer, so he needs networking and MySpace is a cool place to do that -Too cool actually, that’s why I don’t use my account there.-

If you look in to Mr. Hanks friends list, you actually see many normal users there amongst some other actors and poeple from the ‘biz’. I guess this is why MySpace still remains the largest social network. But I haven’t looked for Tom Hanks on Facebook yet.

PS: In the very same newsletter other -mostly german- stars (we call them “Promis”) were advertised, like Horst Schlaemmer or Jeanette Biedermann. So there…

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