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Yes, we’ve again made it through the breathtaking days of christmas during which we celebrated the birthday of Jesus Christ (just to remind those of you who wondered). And the world (or at least a considerable part of it) was again wrapped up in joy and warm feelings. I could bore you to death with what I did on christmas but instead I’d like to present some cool sites and christmas related stuff that you probably missed.

I spread the word before on Sam & Max “Ice Station Santa”. It’s really cool. And the even cooler wackos at Telltale have created a heart-warming little movie in which “Sam and Max nearly save christmas”. Look out for Spoilers!!

Another googlesque approach in Web 2.0 application was the tracking of Santa which has been done by the NORAD for decades now to provide children around the world (and of course interested grown ups) with the exact location of Santa Claus. Google supported this project with layers on Google Earth and Maps as well as videos on YouTube.

My Christmas Card

I do a christmas card collage from photos I take from my archive every year. I’ve done that again this year and now that probably everyone who I sent it to saw it it’s going public.

New years tradition

In Germany there is one tv show that’s crucial to the last day of the year. It runs several times on several channels, some have it coloured although it’s more than 50 years old. “Dinner for one” is a small stage play about an old lady having a dinner with her friends which have all died previously and therefore have to be replaced by the butler James. I understand it’s cult in other countries, too. So if I don’t manage to post before 31st, here you are…

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