Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits – Dumb Little Man

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Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits – Dumb Little Man

Well, I don’t talk about it much but I’ve been writing stories and poems for some time and I came up with one years ago that I thought and think might become a book at one point. Since I was a child I made up stories, some of which I wrote down but did not really practice it and as a teenager I was busy with computer so I kind of ignored my interest in writing.

It came back to me shortly before I finished school and worked on my first web project where I did a lot of writing. From there one I slowly increased my writing output but never really thought somebody would want to read my stuff. Even nowadays as I put some of it up on my homepage I only occasionally pass things around among friends.

However, I try to write more often, more regularly, catch ideas whenever they come. I carry a notebook with me and my iPod with microphone to be able to record ideas. I have cards at my bed in case I have an interesting dream. I try to do it more professionally and I read “How to write a damn good novel” by James N. Frey.

Then I found this nice blog with 9 habits that should help you with writing. I really think they’re worth a look. I’ve used some of them actually (unintentionally) for some time. As I already stated I collect all notes and stuff about what I want to write on notecards, notebooks and on my wiki to have them available. It’s really useful to put one’s ideas down when they come to your mind. Sometimes I throw them away but sometimes they grow into poems or stories.

Something I didn’t do before and started doing now is the “simple writing process”- tip. I now use simple editors like Writeroom aso. It really helps to not be disturbed by other things during writing. I try to write something daily, but it’s really hard. I tried to do it in the morning right out of bed but couldn’t make it a habit yet. I’ll keep trying though.

So if you try to get into writing these ideas are probably the first to consider. I’ll blog about that subject again on occasion. There’s some more websites I know that offer interesting approaches to writing.

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