30 Minutes of 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Intros

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30 Minutes of 80’s and 90’s Cartoon Intros

Well, I’m on the feed of Forever Geek now for a week or so and they keep coming up with very .. weird stuff.

This is a collection of cartoon intros. It struck me that I actually know probably more than 85% of the cartoons. I’ve sure been a tv junkie when I was a child (I still am but don’t have the time any more). However, I also came to think: “Wow, this was our Pokémon. Or Dragonball Z. Or One Pierce. Or whatever.”

And it really was. Many of those shows were directly made to sell certain toys. And it worked! For a long time. Today computer games were added to the overall media experience Apart from that not much has changed.

Yet no-longer-children-but-not-yet-adults like me always fantasize about ‘our’ tv shows not being so stupid and loveless and commercial. Well, some actually were. But, as the videos prove, many were of questionable content, to say the least.
And they copied each other (Tranformers and Gobots, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters), they spun of (He-Man and She-Ra). It’s kind of ridiculous. But it’s nostalgia, and the young people will laugh about the elders (us) and let us go our way.

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