iTunes Plus DRM-free, not free of annoying glitches – Engadget / Zooomr fighting for Mark III

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iTunes Plus DRM-free, not free of annoying glitches – Engadget

True words, I myself experienced -and still do- problems on downloading certain songs for upgrading my library. If they load they are creepingly slow and after a minute they time out. However, of an overall count of 65 songs that I upgraded 9 seem to be a problem. It may very well be that Apple underestimated the demand for the new music.

But they get it working.

Same thing is true for Zooomr, my personal photo-sharing service of choice. As the migration process to the next release called Mark III that started last week took roughly a week to finish the site had been kind of down during the time and users could watch Kris Tate and Thomas Hawk nearly all the time through Ustream and talk to them in an IRC channel.
However when Zooomr finally came back up fame lasted for 10 to 20 minutes before the db server crashed and they were down again -I personally didn’t see it for it was in the middle of the german night-.
Obviously the hardware pushed up the daisies which is why through a lot of help from the community -namely Zoho and Sun, who helped get new servers online and many individuals giving money and helping out- Kris is now -it’s about 2 or 3 am over there- getting the backups replayed and the system back up and running.
Also many users maybe upset about this series of unlucky coincidences it seems that the Zooomr community is a very healthy, strong group of people. Once Zooomr is back up that will be the driving force behind the service.

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