I'm with Wii…

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Yes, I finally did it. I had thought about it prior to christmas but it was sold out back then and so I had to wait.
But on Monday I got my brand new Nintendo Wii!!!!
I’m pretty connected with Nintendo. The first gaming concole my mother bought for us was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I played “Super Mario Brothers” and “Tetris” like crazy. However, when the SNES came out I sold the NES to get the new thing, and I enjoyed classics like “Zelda III – A link to the past” or “Sim City” on it. In parallel I started playing on PC and when I got a soundcard and a cd rom drive for my 386-DX (40Mhz) I pretty much lost contact to the other game hardware.
Oh, I also had a game boy (the classic big box) and a Super Game Boy to play the Game Boy Games on Super Nintendo. Ah, the good old times…

However, I had no game console in between (no Playstation, GameCube or Xbox) and never thought I would ever buy one. But the Wii really got my attention quickly since it was said to be a real “Revolution” (working title). We bought a Wii right when it came out at the company I work for and played it for christmas. I was really amazed by the simplicity and it was then I decided that I probably should buy one for myself. It’s not quite as expensive as the Playstation III (which I wouldn’t want anyway, for I never had one).
Well, to make it short, I have it here for three days now and everybody of my friends who came around (usually not knowing I had a wii) tried it and loved it. Even people who usually don’t play computer games do like the Wii AND are able to play and win! That’s a wonderful thing because nothing is more frustrating than not being able to share a beloved hobby with friends just because they’re not able to compete with you. Once they have a little practice with the remote they can actually beat me (sometimes). It’s truly intuitional. There are good games (but I think not enough). And my right arm hurts because of too much tennis and golf. 😉 I’m looking forward what Nintendo does next with the Wii. It’s such a cool product.

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