George Carlin / Blogger out of beta

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Well, christmas is over (I sent out christmas wishes on deviantArt this year, so you’d like to read them out here) and therefore it’s time for some serious senseless wisdom again.

I just read my daily joke newsletter Cyberjoke 3000â„¢ by Al Lowe and he introduced a video of comedian George Carlin talking about him being a modern man. It’s hillarious so give it watch. Furthermore I then wondered where I know the guy from and through Goowikipedia I found out that it’s of course the same man who played Rufus in the two Bill & Ted movies (starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) and appeared in “Dogma” as well as “Jay and Silent Bob strike back”. So again I managed to connect some dots of experience and have a clearer picture. You can also find the “Modern Man” text on the Wikipedia entry. So have a good laugh and “Be Excellent to each other”!

Oh and by the way, the blogger people took away the beta from the Blogger beta. Does that mean they’re not Web 2.0? I’m puzzled.

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