blessings of the modern life

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I’m into gadgets. I like those tiny little things that make our living easier. Well, to be honest I also like the big things that make life easier. There have been numerous inventions that changed life profoundly: Cars, Television, cell phone, Personal Computers, those machines that blow hot air to dry your hands with.

However, there’s yet another cool thing. I don’t know if it exists in other countries but Germany, here it’s called ‘Packstation’. It’s a large machine where your parcel is delivered to because you’re not at home e.g. and then you can go there, log-in with a card and fetch it yourself. You could also go to the post office and collect your parcel from there but here in Germany this is not that easy because they don’t open very long (the nearest post office is open from 9-12 and 14-18) and they’re closed on weekend.
I prefer to use the Packstation for mine is on the university campus and as far away from my home as the next post office.
So when I came home tonight from my weekend job at 22.30 I realised that I received a short message telling me that ‘a new delivery is waiting for me at the Packstation’. I remembered that I had ordered a book and dvds from amazon (soo convenient) and that they sent them away yesterday. Pretty quick, eh?
So I kept on my shoes and went right back outside where it started to rain. I went to collect my stuff and returned right away which all-in-all took me 25 minutes.
It occurred to me that without this great invention I would have missed a very healthy 25-minute-walk. And I would have waited until Monday to get my media products. In fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been at home at the exact time when the parcel service rang on my door and so would have probably missed the delivery. Ha, isn’t life great?

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