Teaching creativity

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After watching this video of the speech Sir Ken Robinson gave at 2006 TED Conference I was really astonished reviewing my own educational biography up to now. One of his points was that the whole system of public education is build as a kind of preparation for creating university students and -on top of all- professors. They are somehow meant to be the top notch of human capabilities but as mentioned in the video “they’re just another form of life”. And there are other forms as well.
I went to a catholic school (the only catholic school in my hometown) and they focused on languages, music and art rather than sciences. Still I started my academic career with ‘computational visualistics’ (I was not very good at art and apart from english not even in languages) only to realize that I did not really fit into this kind of subject after trying for two years. Now I’m studying ‘media literacy’ and I’m doing much better. However inside the university hierarchy it seems like I made a huge step down by leaving the sciences which seems stupid because laws of physics are in no way more important than the laws of human society. And throughout our whole life we’re always confronted with both.
Sir Ken Robinson is all about creativity because for him it seems to be a good preparation to confront the unknown future. If I recap the last 20 years of my life I guess he’s right.

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