Classic Adventure with classic copy protection

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Pretty cool: The next installment of the successfull adventure game ‘Ankh’ (g sounds like they already did dozens of it but it’s actually the second) will have a code wheel for copy protection! Remember Monkey Island? Before being able to play the game you had to enter a 4-digit code from two paper wheels with different faces you could combine and then look up the code.
I like the idea of bringing this back to the table for all the modern copy protection system for cd and dvd tend to not only protect copies being made but also keep the legal owners from using their products under certain circumstances.
I’d even more like to see codes from the documentation coming back (where you need to look up a certain word on a certain page of the printed documentation). It would be hard to copy a thick, printed documentation (especially if printed on high quality glossy paper). Of course this is a problem since many recent games come with only small or no printed documentation at all. But I like the idea of all the black hats going over to their copy&scan shop to prepare their latest crack. 😉

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