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A day’s moon by =yodahome on deviantART

As I didn’t manage to do it yesterday, I’m going to do it now: Yesterday one of the greatest art communities on the planet (if not THE greatest) grew one year older and aprt from that this is great on its own they also updated the website to the next software version that features some amazing usage of javascript/ajax techniques and is more vivid and more fun to use. And they introduced a bunch of features as well, like the new code generator that makes it easy to add any pictures you uploaded to devArt to your blog or website. I very much like it, it pretty much wipes out any reason to use another service like PicasaWeb or Zooomr. Sorry!

Comparably interesting: I watched the WWDC Keynote of Apple‘s Steve Jobs yesterday and apart from that it was again perfectly organized and put together it revealed some really cool products, among them the next release of their Mac OS X which is just the coolest piece of software I’ve ever seen and if it wasn’t tied to some very expensive machines I currently don’t own I would definitely go for it. Watch it for yourself. Vista is not going to be even close to what Max OS can do and (sorry guys but it’s true) I don’t know any linux distribution that holds such a powerful UI. It’s just amazing what they’ve come up with. One of the coolest feature: Time Machine, which is nothing else than an automatic backup system that secures all data on your system everytime you change it. You can then go back in time and restore the whole system or individual files, contacts, notes, fotos or music from any point in the past. No need to say that it’s done in visually very Apple-like manner so it not only works (which Windows always had a big problem with) but it even looks cool! Why is there nothing comparable for linux?

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