Dreamfall – first impression

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I actually managed to throw a quick eye on a game I was really looking toward to: “Dreamfall – The longest journey”. It’s been out for some time now but I was just too busy to look into it. I did now – and it is truly great! You start off with Zoe Castillo, (one of the very few games where you have actually two strong) who is drawn into some kind of conspiracy. While the game is played in a third-person-perspective (very much like a shooter) and does contain some minor fights, it’s very much a typical adventure with a lot of talking between characters (really well written) and solving puzzles. The Story (as far as I’ve seen) is really thrilling containing science-fiction elements and fantasy, just like the original “The longest journey”. The graphics and sound really create an atmosphere and there are bits and pieces for all of you who played the first game. I guess it’s still fun if you haven’t but you can re-meet many of the characters and I always like that. Furthermore you as the player switch roles from time to time because you not only play Zoe but also April Ryan (protagonist of the first game) and Kian, a warrior whose role I don’t really understand until now. I’ll post an extended review once I played the entire game but I really think you should give it a try i you like adventure games. Posted by Picasa

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