things u want to do vs things you have to do

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Just recently I realised how precious time can become (at times) especially if you have certain stuff going on that you are (more or less) forced to do (e.g. because you have promised in a contract-kind-of-way) and things you’re doing for fun. Of course in the best case those two groups are the same but, hey, life’s not always a best case scenario, right?

So for a living you usually do stuff and afterwards you are handed various stripes of colourful printed paper called money as a kind of reward for your work. That’s perfectly necessary and everybody should have at least one source to ensure the steady flow of colourful printed paper. I personally do have multiple sources but that’s not the subject allthough it leads to my point becauce all those paid activities take up some time during my average week. As you might know (I think it’s pretty obvious) I’m a student and that’s the other big part of my week.
Furthermore I like writing and photography which are both things that can take up some time but that are kind of un-planable. I don’t know when I get the idea for a great picture or a funny text. And I don’t know in advance how long it might take me to find the right way to photograph or write it down. That’s why you can’t reserve two hours per day for each of them but when you don’t and then suddenly need some time to do them you might find out pretty quickly that you don’t have any.
This week looks like a “must-do-things-kind-of-week”. I think last week was much the same. Hopefully next week will be different.

To close this quick stream of thoughts manifesting itself in more or less senseless words I’d like to add a quote that, I think, is a chinese saying: “Pick a job you love, never work a day in your life”

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