OpenSource Storytelling and Game Design?

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I’m just doing some updates to a little project of mine hopefully becoming a full story on day. And suddenly I wondered whether there has been any attempt to write a story in the way they do OpenSource Software. Like e.g. Debian with many Developers from anywhere in the world contributing to a single project solemnly over the web. I think that might be a nice way to come up with a story and to add depth and many interesting branches to it. Of course it would not come out linear like you usually write a story when doing it on your own. But it might probably be a whole new experience.
Probably even better is the idea to do a Computer game like this. I think that has been tried before (in fact this is no different than making any kind of program isn’t it). Somebody needs to do the design, the story, the charakters, the engine etc. . There are plenty of modules available and I don’t think it takes longer than any timespan someone contributes to the Debian or any other OpenSource Software project. That would lead to a whole new way of games for there is actually no real end in development and you could probably come up with a game that always gets new impulses (might be additional feature, charakters, locations etc.) and lives on as long as there are people to maintain it (and play it of course). This is done with MMORPGs as far as I know and with some other virtual worlds experiments like Second life.
I’d really like to see whether this could work for other types of games.

Btw. the project can be found here:

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