the good sides of globalisation

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Well, when I flew to London I was (among other things) introduced to new wonderful products that I didn’t know until then. One thing was a british brand of potato chips called Burts. They handed out free samples on the plane and I immediately fell in love with them. Just in case I didn’t mention it in this blog before, I like food. Really. And especially snacks and sweets (as long as they taste good). That’s why those potato chips stayed in my head and mouth (and in my pocket for I kept the empty bag until I got back home). Now, the special thing about these chips – according to the people who sell it – is, that they are hand fried. In fact you find the name of the person who fried your chips on every single packet. I don’t know about you but I found that remarkable.

Anyway, back in Germany, I tried to find them in stores around but my search remained unsuccessful. Therefore I went through the internet ( as I still had the package that was easy to do) and as I had expected you were able to order the product via an online store.

So after a week or so I got my 6 packs of chips just yesterday. It was in fact not a cheap buy but anyhow. I will know have the opportunity to have my favourite chips next time I want to watch one of my favourite movies. And that’s what it’s all about, right? So to all of you who also like chips and don’t know Burts yet:

Life is great!

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