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Sometimes you come up with an idea about a certain feature of software, right. Even if you don’t actually write software, you just come up with ideas or wishes of things a certain app should be able to do. This is the moment where you realize how good the software actually is that you’re using.
A few minutes ago I thought it would be rather helpful if my preferred browser (Firefox of course) would be able to connect certain keywords to a certain website so I just type the keyword (e.g. “google”) and he takes me to that website ( I thought that would be a cool feature to have and thought whether there is an extension to Firefox that adds this functionality.
It took me a few minutes to actually realize that this feature is already integrated in Firefox. You add keywords to just any bookmark you have made and if you enter that keyword it takes you to that very site. It’s amazing that I never thought of using this before but it’s so helpful and it’s already build in! I had revelations like that with my iPod and I know people who call this a special thing about all Apple products.
Well, apart from that I’m now using a lot of interesting Firefox Extension. Here’s my current list: (social bookmarking)
All -in-one-gestures (mouse gestures)
Adblock plus (ad blocking)
Fasterfox (performance)
Tabbrowser Preferences
Web Developer (useful tollbar)
BugMeNot (accessing sites that require log-in)
Google Toolbar (search toolbar)
Download Statusbar (download help)
Session Saver 2 (saves opened sits on exit)

Yeah, I guess that’s it. They all do work with Firefox 1.5 by now. It is really interesting that my software has all those features. I just need to (mentally) unlock and use them. So that’s the wisdom for today: Use all the available features you must. And more I will today teach you not.

Wow, that will be a great thread to return to when I need to reinstall FF one day… g

’til then.

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