Christmas vs. X-Mas

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You probably already noticed it the last time you walked across the centre of the city you live in. This smell of sweets all around. Those funny fir trees standing all over the place. Strange people -most of them might look quite heavy- in red suits standing at nearly every corner. And whereever you find a loudspeaker you’ll probably hear Wham singing this awfully popular song at least once every hour.
The wonderful time we all know as “christmas” has started anew and we all are invited -allthough some might consider that we are forced- to join this wonderful time that is celebrated all over the world by everybody. Well, not exactly everybody but by the people who believe in Jesus Christ because that is why we call it christmas. In case you’re unfamilar with it: Jesus Christ was a guy living roughly 2005 years ago back in the ancient area of the middle east. He is meant to be the son of god and for this reason christianity celebrates his birthday every year which is kind of a normal thing because they also believe he is still alive. Well, he died at one point but a few days later they found out that he wasn’t dead. And some weeks later he left this planet (or at least the middle east) to go and stay with his father. Which obviously doesn’t mean he is dead.
Well, that is somewhat the shortened backstory of christmas. But nowadays there’s something that seems to be, well, more important about christmas. It’s serious business. It’s about gifts. I don’t know who came up with the idea in the first place but for as long as i can think people are made to buy gifts for other people on christmas. And that is a serious base for our current economic system. Look at all the shops, the markets and so on. They need you money. Desperarely. At least here in Germany where the economy is really down on it’s knees.
So everything that could be done to make the people buy more stuff needs to be done. And I cannot get rid of the thought that everything that creates this christmas spirit in the streets all over the towns and cities is just a deperate attempt to get hold of your and my money.

Well, I’m no christian. Sorry, but I don’t believe in HIM. But I think it’s really nice to have a special time during the year when all the people listen into themselves and consider what love and peace mean to them. And try to be better people than they are usually. I really think we should try to be better people every single day but, hey, if you manage to do so during 1-26th of December that’s at least something to start with, right?
So I’d like to encourage you to leave all this business crap behind you. It’s not about gifts. Donate time! It’s the most precious thing you can give other people. Care about other people. Strangers, if you like to. That’s so much more important than doing all this artificial christmas spirit survival training. Of course you can put up your real or artificial christmas tree. With candles or electric lights. Maybe it’s even powered through USB. (Sorry, that was the geek)
But most importantly, do not forget what christmas is about. It’s about love, about caring, about people. Whether you believe in christ or not. I think he’d also like this thought. But either way I do. Make the best out of your time!

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