changing the world

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Do you sometimes wonder how your life affected the world so far? I mean there are of course about 6 billion people on this planet but I tend to believe that somehow each and every one of them changes the world. Maybe only a little bit. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had not done a specific thing e.g. buying food. What would have happened to the apples I bought last week, if I had not bought them? Would somebody else have done that? (Certainly) Or is it unimportant that it happened anyway? Well, this might be a bad example and maybe this sounds ridiculous but if there is a certain system in life than there need to be some things that need to happen and somebody needs to make them happen. And then I ask myself if anything of the stuff I’ve done so far has been important in some way in a sense that it means something apart from its meaning for me personally.
Sometimes you should ask to many questions…

I should add that in only seven days from today my website will be relaunched. I’m really looking forward to this.

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