Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2015 – ★★★★ (contains spoilers)- via letterboxd

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This review reportedly contains spoilers.

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I haven’t read the comic and didn’t know a lot about the movie except for a few reviews. Quick story: After his father dies at the end of his qualification for the a secret british spy organisation called the Kingsman (saving the lives of other agents in the process), Eggsy is given the chance to follow in his footsteps when Harry Hart bails him out of prison and offers him the chance to become a Kingsman himself. While Eggsy learns what it means to be a british gentleman spy uber-geek billionaire Valentine is planning some ridiculous plot to save the world from itself…

At times this movie clearly is a Bond-parody, other times it is a pure sfx action flick which clearly has tamed itself to not get R-rated (or FSK 18 in Germany). It’s over the top in many regards but still uses familiar plot devices and has everything you might know from classic spying (even referenced by the main characters). I found it really fun to watch and unlike “Kick-Ass” there is no point at which I found the violence off-putting or unjustified (although it probably is not for everybody). It’s a nice diversion from typical (serious) hollywood spy flicks though I don’t know how much of it stems from the comic. And since it seems to be quite successful there might be a sequel. Although, not many of the cast have survived this one. 😉 Well worth a watch!

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