RoboCop, 2014 – ★★★½- via letterboxd

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Did we need a remake of Robocop? Well, at least it’s not the most obvious choice but then again it seems like every movie ever done is one the tables of hollywood executives.

The story of Police Officer Murphy who is almost killed on duty and then mostly rebuild with robotic parts clearly was a great story in the 1980s and a unique twist on the robot movies back then. Since we are closer to actual working robots today, the remake takes the liberty to evolve the setting a bit. But the basic premise and the implications this has for the human machine (or mechanical human?) are still at the heart of the movie, perhaps even more than before.
Of course they fiddled with the look, there are modern CGI’d action scenes (and lots of it) but there’s also a bit of drama though I don’t think it’s well balanced. The old Robocop has this trash-like, b-movie charme which the new one lacks now but may have in ten years. The dilemmas displayed here are actually more relevant today than ever but this is the only big plus I see. The actors are good but don’t get much to do, the only real arc is probably found in Robocops creator played by Gary Oldman. And he can pull this of quite well. So I’m kind of on the fence here, perhaps you judge for yourself.

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