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Well, I’m working with linux. It’s been probably 10 years since the first encounter and 8 or 9 years since I put up my first linux-only machine back at my parents’. Since then I always had a linux box at home. My main machine however always ran Windows (sometimes different versions in parallel) and my Desktop was always MS-dominated.Then I … Read More

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Should Germans Laugh About Hitler?

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article at Spiegel Online This question was asked last week prior to the release of director Dani Levy’s new movie “Mein Führer” starring german comedian Helge Schneider as Adolf Hitler. Well, you can read what others said about that. I prefer to know what I talk about (well, sometimes) and therefore I went to see the movie tonight. In short: … Read More

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Gamasutra – Second Life Goes Open Source

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The article This is really interesting: Linden Lab announced that they open the sources of the viewer software needed to access the Second Life grid to the public so that everybody is now able to change and (hopefully) improve the software. It might be ported to different devices etc. and that immediately reminded me of the Metaverse as depicted in … Read More

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