Always Look On the Bright Side of Monty Python Music

yodahomeOhne KategorieLeave a Comment I’m just preparing to leave because it’s Saturday and like any Saturday I will go to work. Sounds funny? It isn’t. But I like the job and at least I’m not sitting around doing nothing with my time. 😉 However, to be in a good mood I’m just listening to „Monty Python Sings“ which like the name suggests contains … Read More

Computer Games for real

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YouTube – Lucasarts composers Live at Hollywood Bowl Well, I like computer games very much, There’s pretty much nothing more obvious than that. That’s why I always like it when computer games swap into the so-called „real world“. *g* The above link leads to a video of a concert where LucasArts composers play some of the famous tunes from several … Read More

Web 2.0 / Seaside / Firefox 2.0

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Seaside Homepage Well, there are plenty of really neat ways to produce web applications. Most of you (like me) will work with php, mysql and probably enrich those with new AJAX features using one the available libraries like rico, SAJAX or Well, there is yet another way. Some of you may have heard about Smalltalk and/or are using it. … Read More

The Dilbert Blog: Optimist Cures Unhappiness – Wins Some Sort of Prize

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The Dilbert Blog: Optimist Cures Unhappiness – Wins Some Sort of Prize Actually there’s plenty of interesting information in this article I’ve not been familiar with. That’s not necessarily true of the comments. However, in short: I tend to feel sleepy quite often and I never thought about a correllation to my consuming-liquids-behaviour. I’ll try to add drink more now. … Read More

Attention: Friend abroad

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This is just a little reference to a new blog. My pal Roland spends the next couple of months in Japan and to keep everybody informed about his journey he started this blog: . As you might (or might not) realise this is in german only so you better get out your german vocabulary quickly. Tags: friends blog link … Read More